Brandon Hill Selected Lists

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The Brandon/Hill Selected Lists are no longer being updated. The initial "Selected List of Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library" was published in 1965, and from its onset this series of selection guides was heavily used and highly valued by librarians, nurses, health care practitioners and publishers. The Small Medical Library list was followed in 1979 by the "Selected List of Nursing Books and Journals" and by the "Selected List of Books and Journals in Allied Health Sciences" in 1984. In 2001, the publications were made available on the internet, promoting unrestricted access. It was always the instruction of Alfred Brandon and Dorothy Hill, the original authors, that the selected lists would not be published under their names without their direct involvement which is why they retained copyright of the lists. With the retirement of Dorothy Hill in 2004, this longstanding project drew to a close.

Those of us involved with the production of the Brandon/Hill Selected Lists would like to extend our gratitude to the library, health science, and publishing communities who supported this venture from the very beginning.