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Selected: Charlotte Friend, Ph.D.

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Creator: Charlotte Friend, Ph.D.
Title: Papers
Dates: 1935-1987
Volume: 43 boxes, 213 inches

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Charlotte Friend, Ph.D.


This collection was created by combining donations from Mr. Morris Friend (March 1987 and July 1991), Dr. Friend's brother, with later accessions from Dr. Beatriz Pogo of Dr. Friend's laboratory (June-August 1987, January 2008). Mr. Friend's gifts form the bulk of the Personal Series.

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Charlotte Friend was a noted microbiologist who made important contributions to the study of cancer. She was born March 11, 1921 in New York City, a city she loved. She received a Bachelor's degree from Hunter College in 1944. She then entered the Navy where she was assigned to help direct a hematology laboratory in California. When she left the Navy in 1946, she began graduate work in microbiology at Yale University. By the time she received her doctorate in 1950, Dr. Friend already had a position in the laboratory of Dr. Alice Moore at the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York City.

In 1956, Dr. Friend gave a paper at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in which she stated that she had discovered a virus that caused a leukemia-like disorder in newborn mice. She was roundly criticized for bringing up what was considered to be the old canard of viruses causing cancer. Only Dr. Peyton Rous, who had himself made such an announcement years before, spoke in her defense.

But the tide of change on this issue was turning in the face of mounting evidence. Dr. Friend had not been the only researcher whose work suggested this. By the next year, Dr. Friend had published her work in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, under the careful editing of Peyton Rous. Also, Dr. Jacob Furth announced that he had studied Dr. Friend's pathologic material and that leukemia truly had been found to result from the new virus, which quickly became known as the Friend leukemia virus.

Dr. Friend spent the following years investigating different aspects of the virus, as did many other researchers. She worked with various collaborators, often cooperating in international research efforts. Dr. Friend loved to travel and formed many long-term friendships with colleagues in Europe. Her sabbatical years (1963 and 1975) were spent in laboratories in Australia, Israel, France and Italy. She also attended many international meetings.

Dr. Friend was very active in various associations and in outside professional activities such as grant reviewing and serving on editorial boards and advisory councils. In the 1970s, when many associations 'discovered' their female members, Dr. Friend was asked to assume leadership roles in several organizations including: chairman of the Gordon Conference (1973); member of the Board of Directors (1973-76) and president (1976) of the American Association for Cancer Research; president of the Harvey Society (1978/79); and president of the New York Academy of Sciences (1978).

In 1966, Dr. Friend left Sloan-Kettering to become the first Director of the Center for Experimental Cell Biology and a Professor at the still developing Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She was the first and only female full Professor in School when the faculty was formed in 1966. She also was a Professor in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences. At Mount Sinai, she established her own laboratory that in 1967 was endowed as the Mollie B. Roth Laboratory. Peyton Rous was the speaker at the event. Still, there was an unending struggle to find the funding to keep the lab well staffed and well equipped, a situation that got harder as federal funding began to shrink in the 1970s.

The decline in federal funds for basic research led Dr. Friend to write several protest letters to congressmen and others in power. This was a tact that she often took when a subject that mattered to her was threatened. She wrote about many things, including support for Israel, against anti-abortion measures, and in defense of women's rights.

In 1971, Dr. Friend published another landmark paper, this one titled "Hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro: Stimulation of erythroid differentiation by dimethyl sulfoxide." The co-authors were William Scher, J.G. Holland and Toru Sato. This paper described research on leukemia cells that had been made to differentiate, or take another step in the maturation process to become erythroid cells, thus stopping their cancer-like multiplication. This work pointed to a whole new area of cancer treatment: If instead of attacking cancer cells with toxic drugs, cancer cells could be targeted to mature, patients would be spared painful, sometimes deadly but ineffectual treatments. Research continues today by many others in the field trying to make this a reality in cancer care.

Dr. Friend was unusual in having made two major contributions during her career. In all, she published 163 papers, 70 of which she wrote by herself or with one other author. Although diagnosed with lymphoma on her 60th birthday in 1981, she told few of her illness. She continued to go about her work with all the energy she had, writing grants, serving on committees, and working in the lab. Charlotte Friend died in January 1987.

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Scope and Content Note

The Charlotte Friend collection provides an excellent view of the scientists as well as the non-research side of a researcher's career. These files document Dr. Friend's role as a professional involved with numerous organizations as a leader, committee member, and reviewer; as an administrator of her own lab, with the concomitant need to write and receive grants from outside funding; and, at a lessening degree as time went on, as a teacher.

Dr. Friend's research efforts are harder to trace here. The natural source for this would be the research notebooks, but these are now lost, with only a few remaining in the Center for Experimental Cell Biology. In this collection, the Manuscripts Series has the finished product of this research, although this series ends in 1979. There is also the Meetings, Speeches and Notebooks Series, which shows somewhat the progress of her work. Scattered throughout the Correspondence and Alphabetical series are also fleeting references to her work. Another facet of the collection is the insight it provides into the world of cancer research during an important era, an era which Dr. Friend herself helped propel. This was the time, starting in the 1950s, when scientists gradually turned to an acceptance of viruses as cancer causing agents in humans. The evolution of the field may be traced through the conference programs (Box 33-38), the journal articles that Dr. Friend reviewed (Box 2, Box 7-19), as well as through the correspondence and her own research. These papers also show the intimacy of the cancer research community itself, at least at the level at which Dr. Friend operated.

These papers provide information on women's role in science. Dr. Friend in some ways held an unusual position. Her discovery of the Friend leukemia virus established her reputation very early in her career. Perhaps because of this, she felt that she herself was not held back by being a woman, with the exception of some wage discrimination. Still, she believed that science truly had been a man's world and that it would take conscious and steady efforts by women to change this.

For her part, this involved nominating women to positions of authority in organizations; suggesting women speakers for programs; speaking out about women's issues; serving as a role model to young women from grade school to graduate school; and ultimately, by taking time from her own lab to serve in prominent positions in professional associations. The latter is reflected in the Alphabetical Series in files on the Harvey Society, the American Association for Cancer Research, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences.

Finally, the Charlotte Friend Papers give a great deal of insight into her as a person. She cared deeply about and was very involved with her family (Personal Series). She loved to travel, but always loved New York. She wrote letters to congressmen and mayors on issues she cared about, including support for Israel, cuts in research funding, the status of women, and abortion rights (Box 42, f.7). Her support staff loved her, and many times she functioned as a mother hen to the group. Still, she seemed to be the mentor to few graduate students, and colleagues did not remain many years in her lab. She was a complex woman whose intricacies are clearly displayed in this collection.


There are a few restricted and closed files in this collection. [NB The restrictions on pre-publication reviews have been lifted due to the passage of time, 5/06.] The restrictions generally relate to personal or institutional information in the files. They are available for research at the discretion of the Archivist, based upon the intended uses of the researcher. The closed files are not available for use due to the private information in the files. They will be opened as soon as possible in consonance with the rights of the individuals involved.

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Series Descriptions

Alphabetical Series, 1950-1987: Box 1-20
This series of correspondence with agencies and organizations contains the most documentation on Dr. Friend's involvement in professional organizations. This series also has files covering her years at the Sloan-Kettering Institute (Box 4, f.6; Box 5, f.8; Box 17, f.2). Of note is a file labeled "Crackpot" by Dr. Friend's office (Box 4, f.10). In this are letters, mostly from the public, that tell Dr. Friend or ask her about possible causes and cures of cancer. The series is arranged alphabetically by agency name.

Correspondence Series, 1955-1986: Box 21-29
There is some overlap between this series and the Alphabetical Series in that some letters were filed under a person's name, while others were placed with the letters from the organization they worked for.

This series contains letters from research collaborators, colleagues, and the general public, including school children who wrote to Dr. Friend as part of a school project (Box 26, f.7). Of note are two files discussing the role of Rosalyn Franklin in the DNA work (Box 22, f.11; Box 26, f.7). Some letters from correspondents are in French. These correspondence files are grouped alphabetically by the individual's name.

Manuscript Series, 1956-1979: Box 30-32
This series includes drafts, some research notes, comments on the papers, and correspondence with co-authors and editors. Of note is Dr. Friend's essay written for Current Contents describing her 1971 paper on DMSO (Box 30, f.14). Files are arranged chronologically by date of publication.

Meetings, Speeches and Notebooks Series, 1956-1986: Box 39-40
Dr. Friend always remained an avid student and took many notes at meetings. Sometimes these were filed with the program, other times it seems that she kept a separate notebook that she took to various meetings. These are filed at the end. If Dr. Friend retained a copy of her speech with the meeting file, or if the speech and program could be matched up, they are filed together. If not, speeches are filed at the end of the series. The files are arranged chronologically.

Mount Sinai Series, 1965-1986: Box 39-40
This series contains very little of substance about Dr. Friend's role and relationships within Mount Sinai. There are some files regarding the Graduate School of Biological Sciences, and one on the Cancer Center grant that Mount Sinai received, which brought up the idea of uniting all cancer researchers under one umbrella. This series is filed alphabetically by subject. Five inches of committee minutes have been removed from the collection and added to the Archives' series.

Personal Series, 1935-1986: Box 41-43
This series shows Dr. Friend's great involvement with her family. It also has personal mementos, such as clippings, award material, commencement programs, and material relating to her military service. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject. One file is closed. N.B. Most foreign stamps were removed from this collection before receipt in the Archives. One of the members of Dr. Friend's family is a collector. Three large items (class photo from 1935; Sloan Award certificate, 1957; Brandeis honorary degree, 1986) were placed in the Map Case, Drawer 6, Group 3.

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American Association for Cancer Research: Box 1-3
Baltimore, David: Box 21, f.7
Cell Differentiation
Crick, Sir Francis: Box 22, f.11; Box 26, f.7
DeHarven, Etienne: Box 22, f.13-15
Dimethyl Sulfoxide: Box 5, f.13; Box 26, f.13; Box 30-31
Franklin, Rosalind: Box 22, f.11; Box 26, f.7
Friend Virus
Gross, Ludwick: Box 24, f.6
Israel Cancer Research Fund: Box 6, f.3-7
LaCour, Fanny: Box 25, f.10; Box 31, f.12; Box 32, f.6
Latarjet, Raymond: Box 25, f.11; Box 41, f.10
Leukemia, Experimental
Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Graduate School of Biological Sciences: Box 39-40
National Academy of Sciences: Box 6-10
National Cancer Institute: Box 10-16
Neoplasms-prevention and control
Peer Review
Rossi, Giovanni: Box 28, f.3-4
Rous, Peyton: Box 30, f.5; Box 40, f.5
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute: Box 4, f.6; Box 5, f.8; Box 20, f.1-2; Box 29, f.13
Tissue Culture Association: Box 20, f.3-6
Women: Box 3, f.1; Box 4, f.4, f.7; Box 7 f.2, f.6; Box 20, f.11; Box 22, f.11; Box 26, f.7

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Container List

Box Folder Contents
Alphabetical Series
1 1 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)--Paper; Abstracts; Data; Letter home, 1956-1957, 1962-63, 1967-1971.
  2 AACR--Corresp. re: election to Board; Memos; Minutes, 8/1972-1973.
  3 AACR--Corresp. re: Policy Committee matters, internal business with Hugh Creech; Rauscher paper and reports on funding of science; Minutes, 1974.
  4 AACR--Corresp.; Memos; Lists of possible nominees for committee members (CF Chair), 1-4/1975.
  5 AACR--Notes from meetings; Corresp.; Memos, 5-12/1975.
  6 AACR--Corresp.; Minutes; Programs (CF chair and on sabbatical), 1976.
  7 AACR--Letters; Drafts of Presidential Address; Slides, 1976-1977.
2 1 AACR--Minutes; Programs; Corresp., 1977.
  2 AACR--Memos re: Program Committee; Meeting material, 1978-1979.
  3 AACR--Memos re: Program Committee; Abstracts by CF; Clowes Award selection (1983), 1980-1983.
  4 AACR: Rhoads Award Committee--Nominations; Corresp., 1981.
  5 AACR--Memos; Corresp., 1984-1985.
  6 AACR: Program Committee, 1985--Memos; Corresp., 1984-1985.
  7 AACR: Special Membership Committee--Corresp. re: candidate selection, 1985-1986.
  8 AACR: Cancer Research--Lists of editors; Procedures; Pre-publication reviews, 11/1972-1973.
  9 AACR: Cancer Research--Lists of editors; Pre-publication reviews, 1974.
3 1 AACR: Cancer Research--Corresp. with M. Foti re: status of women in science and CF's views on her career; Pre-publication reviews, 1975.
  2 AACR: Cancer Research--Lists of editors; Annual report; Poem for Sidney Weinhouse; Pre-publication reviews, 1976-1977.
  3 AACR: Cancer Research--Pre-publication reviews; Corresp. re: appointments, 1980-1981.
  4 AACR: Cancer Research--Papers and pre-publication reviews; Annual report for 1981, 1982.
  5 AACR: Cancer Research--Papers and pre-publication reviews; Annual report for 1982, 1983.
  6 AACR: Cancer Research--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1984.
  7 AACR: Cancer Research--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1985.
  8 AACR: Cancer Research--Pre-publication reviews; Corresp.; Negative review of paper by CF, 1986-1987.
4 1 American Association of Immunologists--Minutes; Programs of business meetings, 1959-1965; Abstract, 1966.
  2 AAUP--Memos re: national and Mount Sinai chapters; News release on AAUP's investigation of CUNY, 1971-1976.
  3 American Cancer Society--Corresp. re: 1973 Science Writers Conference, etc., 1973-1982.
  4 American Society for Microbiology--Corresp. re: women; Abstract; Membership cards, 1976-1984.
  5 American Society for Virology--Corresp. re: establishing Society, annual meetings, 1981-1984.
  6 Annual Reports of Virus Study Group, SKI, 1950-1966.
  7 Association for Women in Science--Newsletters; Article on CF; Award programs, etc., 1975-1985.
  8 Committee of Scientific Society Presidents--Minutes; Memos, 1975-1977.
  9 Comparative [Leukemia and Related Diseases] Research, International Association for--Memos; Newsletters, 1967-1982.
  10 "Crackpot" Letters--Letters, mostly from public, on causes and cures of cancer, 1957-1977.
5 1 Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund--Grant proposals and reviews, 1972, 1975. [RESTRICTED-PERSONAL INFO]
  2 DFMO--Application to receive drug from Merrill Dow, 1984.
  3 Employment Requests--Sample of letters sent seeking employment with CF, 1980-1984.
  4 Erythropoieten Committee--Corresp. re: obtaining supply, 1968-1970.
  5 FASEB--Abstracts; c.v. form, 1970-1976, 1982.
  6 Fluorescent Antibody Technique--Review of 21 experiments, 11/1960-5/1962.
  7 French Committee--"Projet de Contrat Franco-American" and project with Fanny Lacour, 1976, n.d.
  8 Graduate School, Cornell-SKI--Memos re: committees, etc.; Virus lecture notes, 1953/55, 1962-1965.
  9 Grant: "Ca 10,000"--Grant reviewed, "Filterable Agents and Tumor Induction in Mice" (1974); Application notes, 1974-1978.
  10 Harvey Society--Corresp.; Nominations, 1969-1980.
  11 Human Leukemia--Articles; Clippings; Organizational meeting NCI Acute Leukemia Task Force, Leukemia Etiology Subgroup; "Progress in Leukemia", 1964-1965.
  12 Hunter College--Corresp. re: awards, etc., 1970-1974.
  13 Inquiries for information on DMSO, research, reprints, and mice, from the public, students and scientists, 10/1968-1986.
6 1 International Society of Hematology--Membership; Conference (1974), 1970-1974.
  2 Invitations to speak, employment, to write: Rejected, 1960-1987.
  3 Israel Cancer Research Fund--Press releases on interview with CF; Letter, 1985.
  4 Israel Cancer Research Fund--Project requests; Letters; Copies of materials on Speyer's idea for Israel National Cancer Institute, 1983-1984.
  5 Israel Cancer Research Fund--Grant progress reports; Letters, 1982.
  6 Israel Cancer Research Fund--Progress reports on ICRF grants; Corresp.; Minutes; Reports, 1979-1982.
  7 Israel Cancer Research Fund--Corresp. with Dan Miller re: founding; Minutes; Brochure, 1975-1978.
  8 Leukemia Society--Grant Application Information; Letters; Scholar-Fellow Conference Program (1967); Grant awards (1966-1968), 1966-1984.
  9 National Academy of Sciences (NAS)--Response to survey, 1969; Letters of congratulations to 1975 NAS inductees, 4-5/1975.
  10 NAS--Letters of congratulations on CF's election to NAS (4/76), 4-12/1976.
7 1 NAS--Memos re: elections, Program, 8/1976-1977.
  2 NAS--Letters; Corresp. re: sexist wording of diploma; Election material, 1-6/1978.
  3 NAS: Committee on Human Rights--Corresp.; memos; Biographical information on scientists in need of aid, 1977-1/1987.
  4 NAS--Election material; Memos, 1981.
  5 NAS--Program; Nominations of Frank Lilly (1979-82); Election material, 1982.
  6 NAS--Election material; Program; Annual report; G. Goldhaber paper on women in science, 1983.
  7 NAS--Election material; Program; Memos, 1984.
8 1 NAS--Election material; Programs; Memos, 1985.
  2 NAS--Election material; Annual report; Memos, 1986- 1/1987.
  3 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, Corresp. with Jacques Harel re: paper, 1974, 1977.
  4 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews; Review policies, 1978.
  5 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1979.
9 1 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1-4/1980.
  2 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 5-12/1980.
  3 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1981.
  4 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1982.
  5 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1983.
  6 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1984.
  7 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1985.
10 1 NAS: Proceedings--Papers and pre-publication reviews, 1986.
  2 National Cancer Institute (NCI)--Grant applications; Progress reports, 1953-1966.
  3 NCI--Material from the Tumor Virus Detection Segment and then Virus Center Program Scientific Review Committee B, 1972-1974.
  4 NCI--Site visit to Oak Ridge National Lab and one year follow-up review, 11/1972-6/1974.
  5 NCI--Material re: Virus Cancer Program Advisory Committee, 6/1975-8/1976.
  6 NCI--Material re: Virus Cancer Program Advisory Committee, 1976-1977.
11 1 NCI--Site visit to MIT lab of Howard Green, with grant application, 11/1977-7/1978.
  2 NCI--Fact Book; Letters re: joining Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention (DCCP) Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC); Info on Field Studies Div. personnel, 1978.
  3 NCI--Copy of Samuel Epstein's testimony on NCI; Completed questionnaire sheets on original tumors or sublines, 3-6/1979.
  4 NCI--Site visit and review of proposals from Paul Marks' lab at Columbia University, 12/1978-7/1979.
  5 NCI--Site visit to Tumor Virus Genetics Lab, DCCP, NCI [no report or proposal], 1-4/1979.
  6 Cancer treatment; Brochures on Division, 9/1980, 1981.
  7 NCI--Letters, agenda of September meeting of DCCP BSC, 8-9/1982.
12 1 NCI--Letters, minutes of meeting of DCCP BSC, 9-11/1982.
  2 NCI-- Material re: February meeting of DCCP BSC, 1-3/1982.
  3 NCI--Material re: June meeting of DCCP BSC, 4-8/1983.
  4 NCI--Material re: September meeting of DCCP BSC; Site visit reports; Info on chemical carcinogenic risks; Letters, 8-12/1983.
  5 NCI--Site visit reports from DCCP BSC, 1982-1983.
  6 NCI: Workshop on Chronic Carriage of Hepatitis B Virus, May 1983--Agenda; Notes; Corresp., 4-5/1983.
13 1 NCI--Material and notes from March meeting of Division of Cancer Etiology (DCE) [was DCCP] BSC, 1-3/1984.
  2 NCI--Letters; Material re: June meeting DCE BSC, 4-7/1984.
  3 NCI--material from October meeting of DCE BSC; List of suggested women for Board, 9-12/1984.
  4 NCI--Site visit reports from DCE BSC meetings, 10-12/1984.
14 1 NCI--Site visit material and report for DCE Laboratory of Biology, 2-5/1984.
  2 NCI--Program, notes re: workshop on HTLV, 4/1984; Clippings, 2-6/1984.
  3 NCI--Letters, notes re: search for new Associate Director of Biological Carcinogenesis Program, 3-7/1984.
  4 NCI: Workshop on Feline Leukemia/Sarcoma, 11/1984--Corresp.; Agenda; Notes, 11-12/1984.
  5 NCI--Material for February meeting of DCE BSC, 1-4/1985.
  6 NCI--Material for May meeting of DCE BSC, 4-7/1985.
  7 NCI--Site visit reports from May meeting DCE BSC, 1985.
15 1 NCI--Material re: October meeting of DCE BSC, 9-12/1985.
  2 NCI--Site visit reports for October meeting, 1985.
  3 NCI: Discussion Group on Human Retroviruses--Papers; Notes, 2-3/1985.
  4 NCI--Site visit to Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, 5-6/1985.
  5 NCI: Frederick Cancer Research Facility--Material re: review of program by FCRF Advisory Committee, 12/1981- 6/1982.
  6 NCI: Frederick Cancer Research Facility--Supporting documents for review of program by Advisor Committee, 4-5/1982.
16 1 NCI: Frederick Cancer Research Facility--Reports, corresp. re: review of program by Advisory Committee, 7-12/1982.
  2 NCI: Frederick Cancer Research Facility--Advisory Committee meeting material, 10/1983-1/1984.
  3 NCI: Frederick Cancer Research Facility--Material for July meeting of Advisory Committee, 5-7/1985.
  4 NCI: 7th Joint Working Conference of the Special Virus Cancer Program, Hershey, PA, 10/1972--Program; Notes.
  5 NCI: 8th-11th Joint Working Conference of the VCP-- Arrangements; Participants; Notes (1975), 1973-1976.
  6 National Research Council: Committee on Laboratory- Associated Biological Risks--Reports, statements on recombinant DNA research; Letters from Philip Handler, Paul Rogers; Legislation, 4-10/1977.
  7 National Research Council: Committee on Laboratory- Associated Biological Risks--Agenda; Handouts, 1-4/1978, 4/1979.
  8 New York Academy of Sciences--Congratulatory letters of Presidency; Nomination of Barbara McClintock; Committee assignments; CF's Presidential address; Letters, 12/1963, 1973-1986.
17 1 New York Health Research Council--Memos on Council and policies; Grant applications and progress reports on "Virus tumors of small animals", 1966-1977.
  2 N.Y. Research Council--Grant applications, reports, 1960-1966.
  3 NIH--Site visit material for review of grant proposal at Duke University, 1/1972.
  4 NIH--Requests from CF for research materials, 12/1973-1983.
  5 NIH--Mailings; NCI Fact Book (1984), 1980, 1985.
  6 NIH: Misc.--Letters from Mathilde Krim re: Virus Cancer Program (1974); Reports; Mailings, 1974-1979.
  7 N. Carolina School of Science and Mathematics/Cecily Selby--Corresp. re: Board of Advisors; Newsletters, etc., 1980-1983.
  8 Notebook: Research--Ehrlich Ascites Tumor, Feb. [n.d.].
18 1 Notebook: Dr. Patuleia's notes on lectures [French and English], 6-8/1964.
  2 Notebooks: Research, 6/1963-6/1964.
  3 Nude Mice--Corresp. on receiving supplies, mice sent, 1974-1982.
  4 Polycythemia Vera--Minutes of study group (5/71); Reprints, 1970-1973.
  5 Reviews--Reviews by CF of papers for publication, research proposals and grants, 1971-1973.
  6 Reviews--Reviews by CF of papers for publication, 1974.
  7 Reviews--reviews by CF of papers for publication, 1975-1976.
  8 Reviews--reviews by CF of papers for publication, 1977.
  9 Reviews--reviews by CF of papers for publication, 1978.
  10 Reviews--reviews by CF of papers for publication, 1979.
19 1 Reviews--Review of grant-in-aid for Tak Mak, 1979.
  2 Reviews--Reviews of papers for publication, 1980.
  3 Reviews--Reviews of grants and papers, 1981.
  4 Reviews--Reviews of papers for publication, 1982-1984.
  5 Reviews--Reviews of papers for publication, 1985-1/1987.
  6 Sabbatical Year (Sloan Award)--Corresp. re: study in Australia, Israel, and Paris; Notebooks; Letters from CF to lab, 1963-1964.
  7 Sabbatical Year--Corresp. with lab; Research results and notes, 1974-1976.
  8 SFFV--Notes; Drafts of papers, [1970s].
20 1 Sloan-Kettering Institute--Memos, Letters, 1974-1983.
  2 Sloan-Kettering Institute: Cancer Investigation--Letters; Minutes re: founding of journal, 1981-1983.
  3 Tissue Culture Association--Corresp.; Annual reports, 1980-1987.
  4 Tissue Culture Association--Corresp.; Annual reports, 1972-1976.
  5 Tissue Culture Association--Constitution; Bulletins; Courses; Rules on usage of animal tissue culture terms, 11/1965-9/1967.
  6 Tissue Culture Association: Northeast Branch--Minutes; Corresp., 1980-1986.
  7 Vaccinia Experiments--Research notes, 1980-1982.
  8 Viral and Rickettsial Registry, American Type Culture Collection--Corresp. re: supply; Minutes, 1959-1967.
  9 Virus Task Force (Human) including Lab Animal Subcommittee, 1963-1964.
  10 Welcome Visiting Professorship--Corresp.; Talk notes, 1980.
  11 Women--Misc. clippings, etc., c1972-1980.
Correspondence Series
21 1 "A" Correspondence--Corresp. re: job offer at Albert Einstein; Professional interests, incl. abstract of paper: "Virus-Induced Leukemia of Mice", (1962), 1959-1966.
  2 "B" Correspondence Including Klaus Bayreuther, Joseph Beard, W. Bernhard, Eric Brown; Also re: tumor viruses shipped to Russia, 1958-1966.
  3 "A-B" Correspondence, 1967-1974.
  4 "A-B" Correspondence, 1971-1986.
  5 Aaronson, Stuart A.--Corresp. re: research, 1975-1986.
  6 Adamson, Richard--Corresp. re: letters of recommendation, 1982-1986.
  7 Baltimore, David--Letters; Nobel Prize Award presentation program, etc., 1974-1975.
  8 Bases, Robert--Proposal (1973); Papers; Data, 1973-1977.
22 1 Bertolini, Luisa--Corresp. re: working in CF's lab, 1977-1985.
  2 Bessis, Marcel--Corresp., 1961-1975, 1981.
  3 Boiron, Agrege M.--Corresp. re: visiting appointment to SKI, etc., 1962-1966.
  4 Bolognesi, Dani--Corresp. re: research; Paper, 1973-1986.
  5 Boyer, Samuel--Corresp. re: research; RFP-NIENS-73-8, 11/1971-7/1975.
  6 "C-D" Correspondence--Including Regina Cutier, Gilbert Dalldorf, 1959-1965.
  7 "C-D" Correspondence, 1967-1974.
  8 "C-D" Correspondence--Including Dr. Rosita deMilies, Mario DiGirolamo, Shyam Dube, Peter Duesberg, Seymour Cohen birthday Festschrift, 1976-1986.
  9 Calef, Enrico--Corresp. re: collaborative research, 10/1976-3/1980.
  10 Chesebro, Bruce--Letter by CF re: MCF Virus; Article, 1983-2/1984.
  11 Crick, Francis--Corresp. with Crick and Aaron Krug re: role of Rosalyn Franklin in DNA work ; Articles on discovery of DNA, 1968, 1979, 1983.
  12 Cudkowicz, Gustavo--Corresp. re: research; Memorial, 1967-1975, 1982-1983.
  13 DeHarven, Etienne--Corresp. re: work together, 1957-1959.
  14 DeHarven, Etienne--Corresp. re: work; Papers, 1960-1/1963, 1965.
  15 DeHarven, Etienne--Corresp., 1970-1977.
  16 Diamond, Leila--Corresp., 1966, 1973-1982.
  17 DiMayorca, Giampiero--Corresp., 1959-1965, 1973.
23 1 "E-F" Correspondence--Including Audrey Fjelde, Dan Friend, 1959-1974.
  2 "E-F" Correspondence--Including Myron Essex, Sigmund Fisher, 1974-1986.
  3 Eddy, Beatrice--Corresp., 1959-1960.
  4 Freedman, Herbert A.--Letters of recommendation by CF; Abstracts, 1976-1977, 1985-1986.
  5 Furth, Jacob--Corresp. re: pathology of Friend virus and critics, 10/1955-1965, 1974.
  6 "G-H" Correspondence--Including Tadao Hamada, John Hotchin, 1958-1966.
  7 "G-H" Correspondence--Including Sen. Charles Goodell re: Vietnam War, Ion Gresser, James Holland, 1967-1974.
  8 "G-H" Correspondence--Including Robert Gallo, Michael Heidelberger, John Hanson, Evelyn Handler, Janet Hartley, 1975-1986.
  9 Gabelman, Norman--Letters of recommendation; Grant application, 1969-1985.
24 1 Gallati, Michele--Letters of recommendation; Corresp., 1983-1984.
  2 Gazitt, Yair--Grant application; MSS; Letters of recommendation; Corresp. re: research, 1977-4/1981.
  3 Golde, David W.--C.V.; Corresp. re: KG-1 cells controversy, personal matters, research; Microphotographs; Data; Slides, 1973-5/1983.
  4 Goldfeder, Anna--Corresp.; Biographical statements; Grant applications of AG and Milan Potmesil, 1961-1963, 1973-1985.
  5 Greenberger, Joel S.--Corresp. re: manuscripts, 1977-1980.
  6 Gross, Ludwik--Corresp. re: article on status of Friend Virus research, misc.; C.V., 1956, 1960-1961, 1968-1985.
  7 Harel, Louise--Corresp. re: research, visits; Butterfly art work, 1975-1985.
  8 Henle, Gertrude and Werner--Corresp. re: NAS nomination, manuscript preparation; Data, 12/1973-1979.
  9 Hodes, Marion E.--Corresp., data, papers on murine tumors, 1960-1964, 1967-1969.
  10 Horsfall, Frank--Corresp.; Letter of resignation, 1961-1966.
  11 Housman, David--Corresp.; Data, 1973-6/1974
25 1 Huebner, Robert J.--Corresp. re: research, 1957-1964, 1982.
  2 Huppert, Joseph--Corresp. re: doing work at SKI, research, 1960-1966, 1969-1981.
  3 "I-K" Correspondence, 1956-1964.
  4 "I-K" Correspondence--Including Yohei Ito, Stanley Jacob, 1967-1974.
  5 "I-K" Correspondence--Including Aaron Krug, Jiyul Kim, Richard Krause (with articles on women in science), 1975-1984.
  6 Ikawa, Yoji--Corresp. re: research, 1967-1987.
  7 Klein, Eva and George--Corresp. re: research, personal matters; Corresp. with Eva Fenyo, 1960-3/1983.
  8 "L" Correspondence--Including Flavio Lirussi, Aviva Lapidot, 1956-1974.
  9 "L" Correspondence--Including Richard Lerner, 1975-1986.
  10 Lacour, Fanny and Jean--Corresp. re: personal matters, research; C.V.; Nominations for awards; Letters of appointment as visiting professor, 1962, 1966-1984.
  11 Latarjet, Raymond--Corresp. re: data, papers, 1959-1965, 1971-1982.
26 1 Leder, Philip--Corresp., memos re: awards, research, 1972-1985.
  2 Levy, Jay--Corresp., 1974-1/1985.
  3 Levy, Stuart--Corresp.; Grant application and review; Draft article, 1969-1981.
  4 Littman, John--Corresp. re: his activities, 1971-1983.
  5 "M" Correspondence--Including W. Money re: animal facilities, 1956-1966.
  6 "M" Correspondence--Including Paul Marks, Carlo Moscovici, 1966-1974.
  7 "M" Correspondence--Including Margaret Markham on Crick/Franklin controversy and sexism in science; Paul Marks; Clippings on Barbara McClintock; Dan Miller; Graziella Moldovanu, 1975-1986.
  8 Mathe, Georges--Corresp. re: research, 7/1955-1963, 1969. [his letters are in French]
  9 McClain, Mary E.--Corresp. re: research, 1959-1968.
  10 Mirand, Edwin A.--Corresp., 1959-4/1978.
  11 Moloney, John B.--Corresp. re: rabbit sera work, 1960-1965, 1974-1975.
  12 "N" Correspondence--Including Meihan Nonoyama, Ward Nakahara, 1959-1986.
  13 Nasi, Sergio--Draft article on DMSO resistant clones of FL cells, 1977.
27 1 "O" Correspondence--Including Timothy O'Connor, Lloyd Old, Allen Oliff, 1961-1986.
  2 Osamura, Shigeyuki--Corresp., 1960-1963.
  3 Ostertag, Wolfram--Corresp. re: research; Notes from Friend cell workshop (1975), 1969-1980.
  4 "P-Q" Correspondence--Including J.H. Pope, 1959-1966.
  5 "P" Correspondence--Including Peter Panteleakis, Dov Pluznik, Van R. Potter, "PPLO", 1966-1985.
  6 Paul, John--Corresp. re: research, 1968-1978.
  7 Pollard, Morris--Corresp. re: research, Perspectives on Virology, 1959-1970.
  8 Preisler, Harvey--Leukemia Society Fellowship application; Letters to colleagues; Summary of research with CF, 1970-1973.
  9 "R" Correspondance, 1959-1970.
  10 "Q-R" Correspondance, 1970-1985.
  11 Rager, Bracha Zisman--C.V.; Letters of recommendation; Corresp., 1964, 1969-1973, 10/1977-1/1986.
  12 Rapp, Fred--Corresp. re: research, 1962-1984.
  13 Revoltella, Roberto--Letters of appointment; C.V.; Corresp., 11/1974-7/1984.
28 1 Rich, Marvin--Corresp.; Site visit for grant approval, application and report (1966), 1961-1966, 1971-1979.
  2 Reem, Gabrielle--Corresp. re: manuscript, 9/1968-3/1978.
  3 Rossi, Giovanni--Corresp. re: collaboration with Yair Gazett, Fausto Titti, research; C.V., 1970-1/1984.
  4 Rossi, Giovanni--Corresp. re: appointment and funding at SKI, research, some with G. Cudkowicz, 1962-1970.
  5 Ruddle, Frank H.--Corresp. with J.-F. Conscience and Ruddle re: research; Data, 6/1972-1978.
  6 "S" Correspondence--Including Fred Schaffer, S.L. Schor, Camillo Sellei, Ben Siegel, Wendell Stanley, 1956-1966.
  7 "S" Correspondence, 1967-1970.
  8 "S" Correspondence--Including Jeff Schlom, George Snell, Sol Spiegelman, 1971-1986.
  9 Sachs, Leo--Corresp., 12/1959-1965, 1967-1968, 1977-1979; Award Program, 1985.
  10 Sato, Toru--Corresp. re: research, articles, 1972-1977.
  11 Schwartz, Robert S.--Corresp., articles re: differences in findings, 4-6/1970.
  12 Scolnick, Edward M.--Corresp. re: research, 1975-1984.
29 1 Sekely, Lea--Corresp. re: jobs; Abstracts, 1964-1976.
  2 Sheinin, Rose--Corresp., 1968-1986.
  3 Stematsky, Tamar--Corresp. re: research, visiting appointments, 1970-1984.
  4 Stewart, Sarah--Corresp. re: research, 1956-1960, 1965; Clipping, 1972.
  5 Stringer, Evan--Corresp., forms re: appointments; Research proposals, 1978-1983.
  6 "T" Correspondence--Including Taconic Farms re: mice, Natalie Teich, 1959-1986.
  7 Teitz, Yael--Corresp., 1971-1984.
  8 Titti, Fausto--Corresp., forms re: year spent doing research at Mount Sinai, 1980-1984.
  9 Troxler, David--Corresp.; Data, 11/1976-3/1979.
  10 Tsuei, Deane--Corresp.; Appointment forms; Letters of recommendation, 1973-1987.
  11 Tully, Joseph G.--Corresp. re: research, 1965-1971.
  12 "U-V" Correspondance, 1977-1986.
  13 "W" Correspondence--Including N.Y. City exam for bacteriologist, Leo Wade re: SKI policies, 1958-1966.
  14 "W" Correspondence, 1967-1985.
  15 Weisenthal, Larry--Reports on experiments; Corresp., 11/1971-1973.
  16 "Y-Z" Correspondence--Including Yale, Rosalyn Yalow, Harriet Zuckerman, 1959-1982.
Manuscript Series
30 1 Misc. Papers--"The Thing"; Never published paper; Notes, 1965-1972.
  2 Braunsteiner H, Friend C. "Viral hepatitis associated with transplantable mouse leukemia," 1954.
  3 Friend C. "Cell-free transmission in adult Swiss mice of a disease having the character of leukemia," 1957--Draft with comments by JEM editor P. Rous; Reprints, 1956-1957.
  4 Friend C. "Leukemia of Adult Mice Caused by a Transmissible Agent," in Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences, v.68, ART.2, Oct. 1957.
  5 Friend C. "Immunological relationships of a filterable agent causing a leukemia in adult mice. I...," 1959--Typescript; Comments by P. Rous, 1958.
  6 Friend C. "A virus induced leukemia of adult mice," 1959.
  7 Friend C, Haddad JR. "Tumor formation with transplants of spleen of liver from mice with virus induced leukemia," 1960--Reviewers' comments; Drafts, 1960.
  8 Friend C. "Experimental studies on a virus-induced leukemia of mice," 1960.
  9 DeHarven E, Friend C. "Electron microscope studies on mouse lymphomas," 1962.
  10 Friend C. "Cancer et virus," 1962 [English].
  11 DeHarven, Friend C. "Structure of virus particles partially purified from the blood of leukemic mice," 1964.
  12 Silber R et al. "Enzyme studies in virus-induced neoplasms: I. The effect of a murine leukemia on enzymes of one-carbon metabolism and on phosphomonoesterases," 1964.
  13 DeHarven E, Friend C. "Origin of the viremia in murine leukemia," 1966.
  14 Friend C, Patuleia MC, Nelson JB. "Antibiotic effect of tylosin on a mycoplasma contaminant in a tissue culture leukemia cell line," 1966--Corresp.; Article, 1966.
  15 Friend C, Patuleia MC, DeHarven E. "Erythrocytic maturation in vitro of murine (Friend) virus-induced leukemic cells," 1966.
  16 Patuleia MC, Friend C. "Cloning of murine virus-induced leukemic cells...," 1967--Drafts; Review comments, 1966.
  17 Silber et al. "Effect of a murine leukemia virus on RNA metabolism," 1967--Draft (?) with variant title, n.d.
  18 Reem G, Friend C. "Properties of 5'-Phosphoribosyl- pyrophosphate aminotransferase in virus-induced murine leukemia," 1969--Early draft and rejection letter, 1968.
  19 Friend C, Scher W, Rossi GB. "Biosynthesis of heme in Friend virus-induced leukemic cells cloned in vitro," 1970.
  20 Rossi GB, Cudkowicz G, Friend C. " Evidence for transformation of spleen cells one day after infection of mice with Friend leukemic virus," 1970.
  21 Rossi GB, Friend C. "Failure to induce lymphomas..., 1970"--Drafts; Reviewer's comment; Letters from Rossi, 1968-1969.
  22 Rossi GB, Friend C. "Further studies on the biological properties of Friend virus-induced...," 1970--Letters from Rossi; Typescript; Reviewer comments, 1970.
  23 Scher W, Holland JG, Friend C. "Hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro: 1. Partial purification and identification of hemoglobins," 1970.
  24 Friend C, Scher W, Holland JG, Sato T. "Hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro: Stimulation of erythroid differentiation by dimethyl sulfoxide," 1971--Photocopy of article; Essay for Current Contents re: article, 1982 and 1986.
  25 Friend C et al. "Hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro," 1971--Drafts; Corresp., 1970-1972.
31 1 Goldfeder A, DeHarven E, Friend C. " Studies on mice of a tumor resistant strain (X/Gf). viii. Type C...," 1971--Drafts; data cards, 1962-1971.
  2 Rossi et al. "Studies on Friend virus-induced viremia in lethally irradiated mice...," 1971--Research notes, etc.
  3 Boyer S et al. "Hemoglobin biosynthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro: Structure and amounts of globin chains produced, " 1972.
  4 Cudkowicz G, Rossi GB, Haddad JR, Friend C. "Hybrid resistance to parental DBA/2 grafts...II...," 1972--Drafts; Letters, 1971.
  5 Friend C et al. "Studies on erythroid differentiation of Friend virus-induced murine leukemic cells," 1972--Drafts of paper given at Padua meeting; Corresp., 1971-1972.
  6 Scher W, Preisler H, Friend C. "Hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells in vitro...," 1972/73.
  7 DeHarven E et al. "Scanning electron microscopy of cells infected with a murine leukemic virus," 1973--Letter; EM photos, 1972-1973.
  8 Friend C, Preisler H, Scher W. "Studies on the control of differentiation of murine virus-induced erythroleukemic cells," 1973.
  9 Friend C. "Immunological studies with leukemogenic and non-leukemogenic strains of murine leukemia virus (FLV)," 1973.
  10 Friend C, Scher W, Preisler H. "Hemoglobin biosynthesis in murine virus-induced leukemia cells in vitro," 1974--Drafts; Letters, 1973.
  11 Preisler HD, Scher W, Friend C. "Polyribosome profiles and polyribosome-associated RNA of Friend leukemia cells following DMSO-induced differentiation," 1973--Corresp.; Drafts, 1972-1973.
  12 Preisler et al. "Effects of 5-Bromo-2'Deoxyuridine on the production of globin...," 1973.
  13 Rossi GB, Cudkowicz G, Friend C. "Transformation of spleen cells three hours after infection...," 1973-- Typescript; Reviewers' comments; Corresp., 1972.
  14 Fourcade et al. "Protective effect of immunization with Poly I.Poly C. - MBSA against FLV in mice," 1974-- Corresp. with F. Lacour, 1974.
  15 Friend C, and Scher W. "Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) stimulation of erythroid differentiation and hemoglobin synthesis in murine virus-induced leukemic cells," 1974.
32 1 Gabelman N, Scher W, Friend C. "Macromolecular changes in FLV infection," 1974--Draft; Reviewers' comments, 1973-1974.
  2 Darzynkiewicz et al. "Nuclear chromatin changes...," 1976--Drafts, 1975.
  3 Reem G, Friend C. "Purine metabolism in murine virus- induced erythroleukemic cells during differentiation in vitro," 1975.
  4 Reem G, Friend C. "Purine and phosphoribosyl- pyrophosphate synthesis in differentiating murine virus-induced erythroleukemic cells in vitro," 1975.
  5 Scher W, Parkes J, Friend C. "Increased carbonic anhydrase activity...," 1977--Drafts; Reviewers' comments, 1977.
  6 Stern et al. "Biosynthesis of carbonic anhydrase isozymes in cultured Friend leukemic cells...," 1977--Corresp. with Stern; Article, 1976-1977.
  7 Friend C et al. "Observations on cell lines derived from a patient with Hodgkin's Disease, " 1978--Drafts; Corresp., 1975-1978.
  8 Scher W, Friend C. "Breakage of DNA and alterations in folded genomes...," 1978--Draft; Reviewer comments, 1977.
  9 Golde et al. "Transformation of DBA/2 fetal liver cells infected in vitro...," 1979--Letter from Golde on methods; Figures, 1978.
  10 Lacour et al. "Induction of differentiation of erythroleukemic cells by aminonucleoside of puromycin (ANS)...," 1979--Letters and research notes by Lacour, 1978.
  11 Revoltella R, Bertolini L, Friend C. "In vitro transformation of mouse bone marrow cells...," 1979-- Early draft; Data, 1977-1978.
  12 Gazitt Y, Friend C. "Polyamine biosynthesis enzymes in the induction of FL cell differentiation," 1980-- Corresp.; Reviews, 1979.
  13 Friend C. Manuscript draft: "Studies on the mechanism of FL cells differentiation", n.d.
Meetings, Speeches and Notebooks Series
33 1 Meeting Programs: Misc., 1959-1960, 1962, 1964.
  2 Meeting Programs: Misc., 1965.
  3 Meeting Programs: Misc., 1966, 1968, 1972, 1976.
  4 Meeting Programs: Misc., 1980-1986
  5 Notes on Meetings; Bibliographic Cards, 1959-1984.
  6 International Congress on Hematology, Kyoto, Japan, 9/1960--Abstract; Corresp.; Clippings
  7 Ciba Symposium, Perugia, Italy, 6/1961: Tumour Viruses of Murine Origin--Paper; Corresp., 1960-1962.
  8 M.D. Anderson Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Texas, 3/1962--Program; Notes.
  9 International Cancer Congress (VIII), Moscow, 7/1962--Corresp.; Abstract; Report, 11/1960-1962.
  10 M.D. Anderson Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Texas, 2/1963--Program; Speech; Corresp., 1962-1963.
  11 International Symposium on Comparative Leukemia Research, Hanover, Germany, 8/1963--Proceedings.
34 1 International Course on Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Radiobiology, 5-6/1964--Program; Notes.
  2 Groupe European des Virologists du Cancer: "Aspects de la Carcinogenese Virale," 6/1964--Caricature sketch of CF; Notes; Program.
  3 Workshop on Prospects for Control by Immunologic Methods and Chemotherapy, Bethesda, 6/1965--Program; Notes.
  4 M.D. Anderson Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Texas, 3/1966--Abstracts; Program.
  5 [Cancer meeting], Denver, 5/1966--Paper; Data.
  6 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1966-- Program; Notes.
  7 International Cancer Congress, Tokyo, 10/1966--Corresp.; Abstract; Paper; Program, 11/1965-1967.
  8 International Symposium on Tumor Viruses, Nagoya, 10/1966--Program; Notes.
  9 M.D. Anderson Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Texas, 2/1967--Abstract.
  10 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1967-- Program; Notes.
  11 Canadian Cancer Research Conference, Honey Harbour, 6/1968--Paper on "The Phenomenon of Differentiation in Murine Virus - Induced Leukemic Cells"; Corresp.
  12 International Symposium on Comparative Leukemia Research (IVth), Cherry Hill, NJ, 9/1969--Abstracts; Notes.
  13 Tissue Culture Association, Lake Placid, 6/1971--Program; Notes.
  14 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1971-- Program; Notes.
  15 International Symposium on Comparative Leukemia Research, Padova, Italy, 9/1971--Program; Postcards; Photos [from slides].
  16 Symposium on Mammary Neoplasia, NJ, 11/1971--Abstracts; Program; Notes.
35 1 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1972-- Program; Notes; Corresp. re: organizing.
  2 Seventh Joint Working Conference of the Special Virus Cancer Program, Hershey, PA, 10/1972--Program; Notes.
  3 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1973-- Accepted Applications.
  4 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1973-- Cancellations; Waiting List.
  5 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1973-- Corresp., memos re: organizing the conference, 1972-1973.
  6 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1973-- Program; Notes.
  7 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1973-- Corresp. with speakers, 1972-1973.
  8 International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Diseases, Nagoya, 9/1973-- Program; Corresp. re: session; Abstracts, 1972-1974.
36 1 Tumour Viruses - Human Tumours, Munich, 10/1974-- Corresp.; Paper.
  2 American Society of Biological Chemists, San Francisco, 2/1976--Paper.
  3 International Conference on the Molecular Basis of Cell-Cell Interaction, California, 2/1977--Program; Notes.
  4 European Tissue Culture Society, Glasgow, 7/1978-- Program; Notes; Corresp.
  5 Christmas Lecture, Chicago, 12/1978--Corresp.; Paper; Program, 1977-1978.
  6 Viruses in Naturally Occurring Cancer, Cold Spring Harbor, 9/1979--Letters; Notes.
  7 Retroviruses and Differentiation, Urbino, Italy, 10/1979--Abstracts; Notes.
  8 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1980-- Program; Notes.
  9 Expression of Differentiated Functions in Cancer Cells (Workshop), Venice, 4/1981--Program; Draft Speech; Abstracts.
  10 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1981-- Program; Corresp.
  11 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Hemopoietic Stem Cell Differentiation, Honey Harbour, 9/1981--Corresp.; Poster abstracts; Remarks.
  12 P & S Biomedical Sciences Symposia: Genes and Proteins in Oncogenesis, Harriman, NY, 6/1982--Program; Remarks; Notes.
  13 American Society for Virology, Ithaca, NY, 8/1982-- Program; Notes.
  14 International Cancer Congress (13th), Seattle, 9/1982-- Corresp. re: session; Abstracts.
  15 Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium (Vth), NY, 11/1982-- Program; Abstract.
  16 Molecular Biology and Public Health, Public Health Research Institute, NY, 11/1982--Notes; Brochure.
  17 Gene Expression and Cell Differentiation Workshop, Tarquinia, Italy, 4/1983--Abstracts; Corresp.; Speech.
  18 EMBO: Haematopoiesis and Leukaemogenesis Workshop, Aviemore, Scotland, 9/1983--Notes; Program; Corresp., 1982-1983.
37 1 European Tumour Virus Group, Urbino, Italy, 9/ 1984-- Abstracts; program; Notes; Corresp. with G. Rossi re: organization; Speech, 1983-1984.
  2 International Workshop on the A.I.D.S., Rome, 9/1984-- Program; Notes.
  3 Gordon Conference: Cancer, New Hampshire, 8/1985-- Program; Notes
  4 International Advanced Course on Human Preleukemia, Rome, 11/1985--Paper; Corresp.; Poster.
  5 Conference on Differentiation Therapy, Sardinia, 8/1986-- Letters from Samuel Waxman; Grant applications for support of conference; Program.
  6 Notebook: Meetings, n.d.
  7 Notebook: Meetings, 10/1962-2/1964
  8 Notebook: Meetings, 6/7/1962-6/16/1966.
  9 Notebook: Meetings, including Italian lessons, 1975-1976.
  10 Notebook: Meetings, 5-11/1977.
  11 Notebook: Meetings, 8/1978-11/1979.
  12 Notebook: Meetings, 2/17/1982-3/26/1985.
38 1 Speeches, 1956-1962.
  2 Speeches, 1965.
  3 Speeches, 1966-1969.
  4 Speeches, 1970-1974.
  5 Speeches, 1975-1979.
  6 Speeches, 1980-1983.
  7 Speeches, n.d.
Mount Sinai Series
39 1 Accreditation--Memos; Data on Dept., 1969-1970.
  2 Appointments to Mount Sinai--Letters, memos re: job offer, title, terms of appointment;
  3 Biochemistry of Cancer Course with Vincent Hollander--Corresp.; Memos, 1970-1974.
  4 Basic Sciences Faculty Assembly--Memos re: tenure, governance, policies, opposition to Vietnam War, 1971-1973, n.d.
  5 Cancer Center Planning Committee--Minutes; Grant; Corresp. with Dr. Holland; Memos, 6/1971-1977, 1981.
  6 City University of New York--Memos, reports re: Faculty Senate, general University business, 1968, 1971-1985.
  7 Faculty Club--Report on status; Corresp., 11/1967-9/1968.
  8 Graduate School--Minutes of Doctoral Faculty of Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program; CUNY doctoral program, 1969-1983.
  9 Graduate School--Memos etc. relating to Mount Sinai's graduate biomedical program, selection of CEO, courses, 1965-1985.
  10 Graduate School: Students--Corresp., interview forms, etc. re: students, especially Norman Gabelman, 1971-1984. **CLOSED**
  11 Graduate School: Students--Corresp., memos, letters of recommendation for H. Haubenstock, 1972-1986.
  12 Medical Scientist Training Grant Application (MD/PhD), 1975; Training Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology grant, 1975, 1977.
40 1a Mount Sinai Medical Center Excellence Council Plaque in Appreciation for donation, 1970.
  1b MSSM--Memos; Reports; etc., 1966-1970.
  2 MSSM--Memos; Reports re: Medical Service Plan, etc., 1971-1973.
  3 MSSM--Memos, etc. re: equipment, interdepartmental affairs, 1974-1986.
  4 MSSM: VA Grant--Memos; Grant proposal, 1974.
  5 Roth Laboratory--Corresp., memos re: dedication of Mollie B. Roth Laboratory; P. Rous, Speaker, 10/1966-5/1967.
  6 Scher, William--Personnel action forms; Corresp.; Letters of recommendation; Grant appl. for "Mechanism of Action of DMSO in Friend Cell Maturation" (1/74), 1968-5/1986.
  7 Stringer, Evan--Grant applications for work on "Translational Control of Friend Erythroleukemia Cells", 1982.
Personal Series
41 1 Appointment Letters to Sloan-Kettering and Cornell, 12/1950-1982.
  2 Awards--Clippings; Congratulatory letters, 1957-1986.
  3 Awards--Sloan Award: Congratulatory letters; Programs, Award, 1957-1964.
  4 Awards: Mayor's Award, 1985.
  5 Clippings, 1945c-1986.
  6 Education--Commencement program, diploma, yearbook from Hunter H.S. (1939); Commencement program, Hunter College (1944); Program, etc. Yale Graduate School, 1945-49, 1952.
  7 Letters of appointment; Interviews, 6/1949-1965.
  8 Letters: Postcards from CF to family from trip abroad; Diary, 8-10/1953, 1956.
  9 Letters from Raymond Latarjet, 1958-1986. **[CLOSED]**
42 1 Letters from military service friends re: jobs after graduate school, 1946-1949.
  2 Letters from family and friends, 1950-1959.
  3 Letters from family and friends, 1960-1969.
  4 Letters from family and friends, 1970-1973.
  5 Letters from family and friends, 1974-1979.
  6 Letters from family and friends, 1980-1986.
43 1 Military Service--Official papers; Newsletters, 1943-1953.
  2 Notebook from graduate school [?], 1946-1947.
  3 Passports [7], 1953-1985
  4 Personal Correspondence--Corresp. with government officials re: political issues, cuts in research funding; Clippings, 1967-1986.

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