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Selected: George Baehr, M.D.

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Creator: George Baehr, M.D.
Title: Memorabilia
Dates: 1919-1978
Volume: 3 boxes, 13 inches

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George Baehr, M.D.


George Baehr was born in 1887 and graduated from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons at the age of 21. He began a rotating internship at The Mount Sinai Hospital in 1908, studied pathology and experimental pharmacology in Europe, and then returned to Mount Sinai. He maintained an affiliation with the Hospital until his death in 1978. In his early years, he had an appointment as Associate Pathologist in charge of General Pathology, as well as clinician on the ward staff. He eventually headed the First Medical Service of the Hospital, all while maintaining a busy private practice.

Dr. Baehr made significant research contributions in the areas of collagen disease, hematology, and the adrenal complications of heart disease. He also was a pioneer in public health, organizing the first group health plan in New York, and in 1947 he established the Health Insurance Plan of New York (HIP) at the request of his friend and patient, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Baehr served on many government boards and committees at the local, state, and federal levels, including the New York City Board of Hospitals for 25 years and the State Public Health Council for more than 35 years. In 1945, the Surgeon General appointed him to the first NIH Scientific Advisory Board.

Baehr served in both world wars. In World War I, at the age of 30, he was the Commander of Base Hospital No.3, the Mount Sinai based hospital unit that was established in France. During their few months of active service abroad, the unit admitted over 9,000 patients, including over 1,000 a day at times. During World War II, Baehr was Chief Medical Officer of the U.S. Office of Civil Defense.

Baehr retired from active service at Mount Sinai in 1951. After this, he was on Consultant status, and remained actively involved with the Hospital, helping Mount Sinai to establish a medical school in the 1960s and 70s. George Baehr received many honors and awards during his lifetime. He died in 1978 at the age of 91.

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Scope and Content

This series includes awards, citations, military insignia, Red Cross insignia (wife's), and one file of letters. (N.B. Yale University has a large George Baehr Collection donated by his daughter.)

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  • Awards and prizes
  • Jacobi Medallion, Mount Sinai Alumni
  • Libman, Emanuel
  • Mahler, Gustave
  • Military Medicine
  • Schaffner, Fenton, M.D.
  • Willkie, Wendell L.

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Container List

Box Folder Contents
1 1 Award; Distinguished Service Citation, Public Health Council, 1/28/72
2 Captain's Epaulets (4), Public Health Service
3 Clippings, 1940's
4 Contemporary, documents - Programs, Reprints, 1934-1975
5 Insignia Army, Navy, PHS
6 Insignia Army, Navy, PHS
7 Letters, Speeches, 1942-1978 (Includes G. Mahler Material)
8 PHS Identification issued 1942
9 Red Cross Insignia
10 Schaffner Investiture as Baehr Professor, 1973 [inscribed leather binder]
11 Sinai Alumni & Faculty Endowment Fund (SAFE) Patriot Award, 1977-78
2 1 American Public Health Association Sedgwick Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service in Public Health, 1967 [Bronze medal]
2 DeWitt Clinton Alumni Assn. Award, 1935 [bronze plaque]
3 Distinguished New Yorkers Award, the 75th Anniversary of the City Club of New York, 1892-1967 [Bronze medal in Lucite]
4 Dr. Hermann M. Biggs Memorial Award, NY State Public Health Association, 1961 [Lucite]
5 Mount Sinai Hospital Medal In Commemoration of the Patriotic Service of the Physicians, Surgeons and Nurses Comprising The Mount Sinai Hospital Unit Base Hospital Number Three, during the World War 1917-19 [Bronze medal in Lucite]
6 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Medal In Appreciation and Gratitude for Exceptional Philanthropy toward the establishment and growth of the School of Medicine, 1963
7 New York Academy of Medicine Award for outstanding service, 1961 [bronze medal in Lucite]
8 Two hundredth Anniversary, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University 1767-1967 [Silver medal in Lucite]
9 Unidentified medal; reads: Good Will Towards Men/Pursuit of Happiness [bronze medal]
10 Jacobi Medal, Associated Alumni, MSH, 1956.
3 1 Awards, Citations 1943-74:

Honorary Membership Presented by the American Hospital Association, September 16, 1943

Citation Presented Upon His Admission to Honorary Membership in the American Hospital Association, by President James A. Hamilton at the Annual Convention in Buffalo, New York, September 16, 1943

Award of Appreciation Awarded by the Sydenham Hospital Fund, July 30, 1944

Public Service Award of Merit Presented by the Civil Service Leader, 1951

Designated as Chairman of the Public Health Council Presented by State of New York Executive Chamber, Albany; April 21, 1955

Hermann M. Biggs Memorial Award Presented by New York State Public Health, 1961

Testimonial Presented by Association of Medical Record Consultants, October 7, 1963

In Recognition of Outstanding Service Presented by the New York Academy of Medicine, 1964

Honorary Fellow Presented by the American Public Health Association, October 1967

The MSMC of the City of New York to the historic and memorable Dedication of MSSM of the City University of New York and the Inauguration of the First President of the MSMC in the capacity of GRAND MARSHALL, Sunday, October 20, 1968

Physician leader in public health and advisory to government, Presented by The LaGuardia Hospital, November 21, 1970

Appreciation for the dedication and inspired leadership he demonstrated while serving as a member of the Board of Hospitals of the New York City Department of Hospitals Presented by New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, February 11, 1971

A Tribute Presented by State Communities Aid Association upon the occasion of its One Hundredth Anniversary, June 22, 1972

In recognition of the efforts of the members of the Board of Trustees Presented by the Community Service Society which expressed its appreciation upon the Celebration of its 125 Years of Service to the City of New York, December 1973

In recognition of thirty years of distinguished service as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, May, 1974
2 Recognition Presented by The Medical Board of the MSH of NY, April 1, 1951 for over 40 years of service. [framed]
3 [Slovakian], 1916
4 Appointed Member of the Public Health Council Presented by The People of the State of New York, January 4, 1936
5 Certified that Baehr was Chairman, Executive Committee, Regional Conference on Nomenclature of Diseases, New York, was designated a Delegate on the part of the U.S. to the Meeting of the International Commission for the Decennial Revision of the International Nomenclature of Diseases that was held in Paris, France (October 3, 1938) Presented by the Department of State, July 5, 1938
6 Participated as a Professor of the First Regional Institute of Hospitals' Administrators (Asociacion Interamericana de Hospitales) Organized by the Assistant Secretary of Public Health Mexico, D.F., January 29, 1944
7 An Appointive Member of the Public Health Council Presented by The People of the State of New York, May 22, 1951
8 An Appointive Member of the Public Health Council Presented by The People of the State of New York, May 2, 1957
9 Appointed Member of the Board of Hospitals Presented by John V. Lindsay, Mayor of the City of New York, July 6, 1966
10 Distinguished Service Award During a medical career that has spanned 62 years Presented by Group Health Association of America, Inc., October 28, 1970
11 Appointed Member of the Public Health Council Presented by The People of the State of New York, January 12, 1971

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